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Prepare Your Garden For Summer In Style With John Lewis

23rd May 2014   |   Category : garden furniture | tools | garden accessories

Get your garden ready for summer

Summertime will soon be here in the UK and if the recent spell of nice weather has got you turning your attention to spending some serious quality time in your garden then we'd like to invite you to take a look at the latest range of outdoor living products on the John Lewis website.

From garden furniture or outdoor cooking and dining to power tools, decorative garden accessories and more, you'll find that there's plenty to browse through for ideas and inspiration.

Bringing the outdoors indoors by adding garden furniture to your ouside space

Whether you have a patio or lawned garden area to accomodate there is a large choice of garden furniture sets, tables, chairs, sofas, sunloungers, benches, deck chairs and bistro sets to choose from.

Enjoying outdoor dining

For those who enjoy cooking and dining outdoors, why not have a look at the range of BBQs and associated utensils and accessories featured, or explore the choice of chimeneas, firepits and fireplaces for when the cooler summer nights arrive.

Add in some decorative garden accessories

Accessories such as garden sculptures, water features, lanterns and garden candles and burners can help to enchance an already attractive garden or oudoor space and there are a range of such accessories currently featured among the garden accessories on the John Lewis website.

Keeping your garden in trim with a selection of garden power tools

From cutting and trimming in the garden to cleaning and tidying up, choose from a range of garden power tools including hedge cutters, lawnmowers and strimmers, pressure washers, leaf blowers and garden shredders.

Garden Sheds For Sale

Garden sheds are an important feature of many a gardens landscape, in that the right choice of garden shed will provide an excellent storage solution as well as affording your important and, in many cases, valuable selection of gardening tools protection from the elements and additional security.

Garden storage sheds are available in a variety of materials and at a range of price points to meet a variety of budgets.  Choices of garden sheds for sale include  metal garden sheds, and those of wooden garden sheds as well as plastic garden sheds solutions, and each may have their own merits, depending on your own needs and requirements. 

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Alternatively, if a garden shed is too large a solution for your own gardening tool needs, you may like to consider some of the other affordable garden storage solutions currently available.  Read more about choosing your garden shed or garden storage solution including cheap garden sheds and mower storage in more detail now with regard to the various types available here at the garden sheds for sale part of the website. 

Metal garden sheds offer a usually strong and sturdy build quality and should require less maintainence than for example wooden sheds by comparison.  You should find metal garden sheds for sale in a range of designs and different sizes to fit a selection of budgets.

If you are searching for a cheap shed alternative, plastic garden sheds might be worth your consideration.  Typically weatherprof, lightweight and durable plastic garden sheds are not susceptible to rust nor should they rot.  You might wish to view the plastic garden sheds for sale online currently if you are searching for a cheap garden shed.

Wooden Garden Sheds are attractive garden storage solutions and often blend in well with the typical garden scenery because of the natural nature of the materials used in their construction.  Perhaps wooden garden sheds are those which will require the most maintainence to keep them in pristine condition.  If price is an issue you may be able to locate some cheap wooden sheds for sale among the online auctions currently available.

We have already covered (above) various types of materials that garden sheds may be constructed from, but there may be those that are looking to have a garden shed in their garden but, rather than buying a pre made one would prefer to build their own from garden shed plans. One may find that there are garden shed design plans available on cd rom discs (readable via a computer) for example, which may meet their requirements.

Garden Tools And Sheds Website Updates

While you are visiting, why not consider checking out the latest updates to our website.

The garden tools and sheds website updates section aims to group together new additions to the site for ease of reference. Althought one of this websites main focuses at time of writing is garden sheds for sale, future updates aim to expand on other garden related products and/or articles as well as perhaps also adding further to the garden sheds and storage, new and used ride on mowers and lawnmowers content too.

Latest Update
If you need a tool to help with the weeding then check out the Fiskars Weed Puller tool

Lawn Mowers, Shredders And Garden Sheds

To keep a garden which is complete with grass, hedges or trees tidy and in good order often requires both the right gardening tools for the job, (be they a hand lawn mower or even a ride on mower, a hedge trimmer, garden shredder etc),  as well as some form of garden shed or garden storage facility in order to protect these valuable garden tools and keep them in good repair.


If you have a lawn in your garden chances are it will require a lawnmower to cut the grass and keep it tidy, but how do you choose which mower is right for you ?. With such a vast variety of lawn mower brands as well as types, buying a new lawnmower might not be a straightforward decision. Ease of use and comfort whilst cutting your grass (particuarly in the case of larger lawns) will most likely be among the factors to be taken into consideration.

Ease of negotiation around the gardens potential obstacles, available cutting widths are among the other things that you may wish to consider. Lawn Mowers come in a variety of shapes, sizes capabilities and colours, and of course are manufactured by a variety of brand names too. Lawn mowers are of course also available utilising a number of differing power sources.

Among the options are petrol lawnmowers, electric lawn mowers, even push lawn mowers (manualy driven by the users own push power), not to mention a choice of rotary or cylinder blade action. Add to the mix hover mowers and even ride on mowers and you will probably agree there are quite a lot of mowers to choose from.

When purchasing a new lawnmower you will likely wish to evaluate a number of factors and specifications, including grass cut widths and heights, grass box capacity, weight of the machine, power and length of cable (where applicable), before deciding which lawn mower is the best choice for you and, of course, for the grass the mower is intended to cut. You will also want to have somewhere planned for mower storage.  Let's take a look at some of the choices in a litle more detail.

Available as either cylinder or rotary mowers, petrol lawnmowers are typically the most powerful grass cutting machines in comparison to their alternatives.  Suitable for large lawns and large grassy areas there is no power cable to trail along behind.  Petrol lawnmowers are cordless, and, as the name suggests, are powered by petrol.  Petrol hover mowers are also available.

Electric lawn mowers are, again, available with either rotary or cylinder blade cutting actions.  Electric hover mowers are also available.  Powered by electricity, these mowers are usually plugged into a power supply during use (except in the case of a cordless rechargable mower).  Electric lawn mowers should be comparitively easy to maintain. 

Push lawn mowers are typically available with a cylinder blade action, wherby the user pushes the mower manually in order to rotate the blades and cut the grass.   Powered manually as they are, push lawn mowers require no petrol cans or trailing power cables and can  be considered easy to use, convienient as well as being enviromentally friendly.  Push mowers are mainly suitable for smaller lawns and areas of grass only. 

Ride On Mowers as the name suggests are lawn mowers which are designed for the user sit on and ride around on whilst cutting the grass, used for domestic as well as commercial usage, depending on the size of the area of grass to be cut. Perhaps given the price points of brand new ride on lawn mowers, the second hand market of used ride on mowers may prove a useful alternative. You may want to view the mowers currently on auction to check out the used ride on mowers that might be available.

Used Mowers For Sale

The secondhand lawnmower, or used mowers for sale market provides an alternate route to purchase mowers, particularly of the more expensive variety such as some of the petrol powered mowers.  If you are in the market to purchase used mowers at the moment you may like to check the secondhand lawnmower auctions among the ebay lawn mowers used mowers for sale sections using some of the search links available on this website.

Used Ride On Mowers

As mentioned above, the used ride on mowers auctions can provide a useful alternative source for buying an otherwise comapratively expensive ride on lawn mower.  We have attempted to compile a fairly lengthy article on choosing a used ride on mower which attempts to outline some of the details and technical specifications you may wish to consider when evaluating the purchase a used ride on lawn mower, which we hope you may find of some use.  You can read the article by clicking the link.

It may be that there is a specific brand of lawnmower which you are interested in buying as a seconhand machine.  The selection of eBay lawn mowers include various well known brand names, and not just of used ride on mowers, but of used push powered, electrically powered and petrol powered mowers.  During our research we noticed there appears to be a certain amount of demand for used Honda lawn mowers.   If you are currently in the market for buying a used Honda mower or Honda self propelled lawn mowers you may wish to check out the current lawnmower auctions among the eBay lawn mowers for sale area of their website.

Whether you are you searching for new or used mowers for sale from brands such as Qualcast, Flymo, Husqvarna, Used Honda Mowers, AL-KO, Bosch, Draper, Black & Decker, Briggs and Stratton, Kawasaki, Mcculloch, Mountfield, Flymo, Qualcast, Wolf, Westwood, AYP Lazer Lawn, MTD Bolens, Craftsman, or Hayter, Dennis Bros, Stiga Park, Wenmark, Ransomes, Lawnflite, Ryobi, Sovereign, Used John Deere Ride On Mowers, Castlegarden, Webb, Allen National, MTD Black, Stega, or MTD Red, Simplicity, Countax, MTD, MTD Lawnflite, Toro, AYP, SCAG, ATCO, Yardman, Snapper, Murray, Power Devil, Used Kubota Mowers, you may wish to check the ebay lawn mowers auctions to see if they have something to meet your requirements in their lawnmower auction listings.

If you are looking for mower storage solutions be sure to check out the garden sheds for sale section of this website.

Lawn Mower Parts & Spares

More about lawn mower parts and why you might need them.  With most working lawn mowers, there will quite possibly be occassion, somewhere down the line during the course of its grass cutting lifespan, where certain lawn mower parts need replacing to maintain optimum usage.  Most typically replacement blades or perhaps a replacement fan belt may be required and usually the user manual will offer instructions on how such parts can be efficiently fitted and replaced. 

Generally among the more common lawn mower parts that might require replacement include lawn mower blades (for obvious reasons), lawn mower belts and lawn mower wheels.  Related cattegories include Qualcast spares & parts, Flymo spare parts, Bosch lawn mower parts and Honda mower parts.

Garden Lawn Rollers

It may well be that the smoother the surface of the lawn, the easier the job of mowing and perhaps even the better the end results in some cases.  Of course not everyone will have the pleasure of mowing a perfectly flat garden, perhaps a garden roller might help.  Over time even the smoothest of lawn surfaces may develop raised areas, bumpy surfaces and so forth.

Electric And Petrol Garden Shredders For Sale

If you would like to view the new or used garden shredders in the UK on eBay currently you may wish to use the links on this website to search for electric garden shreders and petrol garden shredders such as a Bosch Garden Shredder or a Ryobi Garden Shredder or for garden shredders manufactured by brands like Holzinger, McCulloch, Challenge, Lynx, Bearcat, Eliet, Draper, PTO, Troy, Florabest and more.  You may also find replacement garden shredder blades there.

Why would someone need  garden chippers and garden shredders ?  If you have ever had a garden piled high with branches and hedge cuttings you probably know it can take quite some time to get rid of them all, the garden recycling dustbin only holds so much at one time, right?  With a garden shredder or chipper, be it petrol or electric, chipping those branches into tiny pieces you may find you can dispose of those cuttings a lot faster than before as they should take up less room in that same sized garden recycling bin.

Garden Shredders are available in either petrol powered or electrically powered models.  Petrol garden shredders may be more powerful, yet be louder and perhaps require more maintainence while electric garden shredders may be less powerful but quieter by comparison.   Among the details you may wish to take into account when comparing garden shredders might be, for example,  the maximum branch diameter capability of the garden shredder, the box capacity, the power of the machine itself and the cable length supplied (where applicable).  The auctions featured on the garden sheds for sale website may provide you with some storage solution ideas.

With the use of timelapse photography, this video on the YouTube website condenses the process of building a garden shed into approximately one minute. Link opens in a new window.

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